You’re busy. You work hard all day. You’re taking care of business.
All that is good, but what about your pets? 
You love your pets and know they deserve more attention. What are you going to do?

How about that much needed vacation? You want to go but who’s going to take care of all you pets? You feel trapped, stressed and don’t know what to do.

RELAX! TUCKEE DOG TO THE RESCUE! We offer comfortable in home pet care while you’re at work or on vacation. We will come to meet you & your pets and get acquainted. We will discuss all of your pet’s needs, your concerns, routines, and go over costs. Like a trusted family member we will come to your home and visit your pets as scheduled.
We will prepare and feed any special diets and administer any medications including injections with precise accuracy. We will give your pets lots of love, attention, and exercise so they can be happy, relaxed and comfortable. We will bring in mail/newspapers, turn off and on lighting, water any plants, adjust the thermostat — anything you need to be done while you’re away!


Need Nail Trimming? We do that too. Our absolute priority is to make sure that your pets are happy, healthy, comfortable, safe and so loved!
We also offer dog walks and outdoor excursions where we will come to your home or location and pick up and drop off your dog(s). After plenty of exercise - some romping, fresh air and lot’s of love your dogs will be relaxed, comfortable, and content when they get home.
How about a Pet Taxi? Try our pet taxi service for wherever you need to go - the vet, airport, friends house, you name it. . .  we are there.

Poop Scooping: Yep, we do that. We call it your pets’ “yard art”. We are the best art collectors around.



  • IN HOME PET CARE: We come to your home and take care of your pet(s). Starting at $25 for 1 visit per day; 2 visits per day for $45 and $65 for 3 visits per day.
  • DOG WALKS AND OUTDOOR EXCURSIONS: We pick up and drop off your dogs when finished. $25 for up to 2 dogs then $10 for each dog thereafter.
  • PET TAXI: $25 for local trips. Longer trips will be quoted.
  • POOP SCOOPING: Let us know. We will quote. 


While your pets and home are in our care please let us know if anyone else should be coming or going from your home. This is for your pets' and home’s safety.

We gladly accept cash, checks or credit cards. For pet care on an ongoing basis we can set up weekly or monthly billing.


We are your Responsible, Discreet, Pet Care Professionals!  


Give us a try. Contact us today!