Shannon and Kevin Balfour have always loved and  enjoyed caring for animals. They have over 45 years of professional pet care experience between them. They have owned and operated a successful, free range dog boarding and daycare facility in Washington State for 18 years. But, having lived in Truckee 20 years ago, they just could not resist the call to move back home where they belong. Truckee has always been in their hearts and they wanted to raise their family in this amazing mountain town full of great people and wonderful  animals. Welcome home, we’re glad you’re back! 



“Hi Everybody! Shannon, here...  Thanks for visiting our website and letting us tell you about ourselves: 

We have dealt with almost every animal emergency possible with our experience in dog rescuing and pet care. Our family has 3 dogs and 2 rabbits and our whole life has always revolved around the comfort and well being of our animals as they are loved and cared for... just like our kids.
We care for pets in a holistic and natural way. Even when I was a kid I had 3 rabbits, a dog, snake, fish, and 2 birds. Our philosophy of holistic pet care is one that is a way of life for us — our kids, and animals. Eating organic foods when possible, homemade pet foods, natural shampoos for baths, and reducing pets chemical exposure whenever possible.


At Truckee Dog, we will utilize conventional animal medicine when necessary, but with your permission, we would always first try naturopathic, holistic medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and natural options when possible.

Natural, organic, and holistic choices of care are our absolute priority and our way of life. We extend that outlook onto the families and pets in our care as we consider them extensions to our family. Many health issues and sensitivities can be successfully managed with a healthy diet, vitamins, exercise, understanding and love.” 


We would love to have the opportunity to get to know you and your pet. 
We’d love to have you experience our special brand of pet care.

We will always consider your convenience, your pets’ needs & desires as the absolute priority in our pet care lives and are always ready to help you with  anything that should arise.

Give us a call today!